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Special Event Sign Rentals

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Here at Luminary Signs, we realize you might not need to purchase a “Baby” or “Happy Birthday” or "Mr. & Mrs. sign. That baby’s gonna grow up. We’re all going to get tired of hearing about your birthday. It’s once a year, dude. Most of us have one, too.

Solution: Rent a Sign!

We totally do that. Here, look at these pictures. Tell me you don’t want this swanky “Cocktails” sign for your next illicit soiree. Imagine walking into the next wedding reception with these hip “Mr. & Mrs.” signs. We’ll even deliver & set things up within 50 miles of Winamac. We can’t deliver in kilometers, sorry. There is fine print.

These are great for those dumb “think outside the box” moments, too.

For instance - Shelly’s been divorced for a year. She’s talked about wanting to get back into dating. She thought Dave was cute at that illicit soiree you hosted last month. And Dave. Dave has served his debt to society. He has a job and he’s sober. He says he’s into chicks with arms now. Perfect match!

Here’s what you do. Rent our “Congrats!” sign. We’ll set it up on Dave’s lawn while he’s at work. He gets home and is all like, “Huh? Congrats?” He texts you and you’re all like, “Yeah, Shelly said she wanted to congratulate you on reintegrating into society.” He texts her. They strike up a conversation.

Next thing you know, they’re renting a “Newly Weds” sign from Luminary Signs. And you’re the hottest matchmaker on Bravo.

I think we can all go to sleep happy with this scenario. When's the last time you went to sleep happy?

Featured Marquee Signs Available to Rent:

  • Mr. & Mrs.

  • Newly Weds

  • Baby

  • Future Mrs.

  • Live Music

  • Bar

  • Cocktails

  • Photo Booth

  • Arrow


  • I ❤️ Tacos

  • Congrats!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • And many more!

Have another idea for a sign rental?

We love hearing ideas and will do our best to make your idea come to life. Have an idea for a sign? We can make it happen!

Please call or text 574-242-1113 or complete the contact form below to inquire about pricing and rental agreements.

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