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Introducing Luminary Signs

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Hi everybody! Thank you for checking out Luminary Signs. We’re a newish sign business in tiny Winamac, Indiana. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Photo Cred: Luminary Signs

First off, we do all of our work in-house.

From design, to manufacture, to painting, to running the electrical - we do all of our own work. If you have a question, one of us will be answering you. From your first contact to packing your order for shipment, we’ll be the ones helping you.

Photo Cred: Jen Allred Photography

So who are we?

We’re Patrick and Shannon Pitcher. We were both born and raised in this community. Our families and our friends are here. Patrick has studied fabrication and all manners of construction. Shannon majored in design and marketing. Patrick’s a hunk. Shannon’s a foxy babe. It works out great.

We’re interested in working with you!

We currently sell on 5 different marketplaces: Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Instagram, Facebook, and our website. Our products can add a lot of character and bump up the experience your customers enjoy. You make the killer tacos. We’ll help them remember where they got those killer tacos. “It was the place with that I <3 Taco sign! Remember, Kylee was totally drunk and made out with that guy she thought was from Norway. He actually just had this speech thing, but those tacos were frigging awesome.”

Photo Cred: Mikes Margarita Bar And if you don’t have a restaurant, maybe you just wanna be a cool lady with a custom Retro Lip Sign, we can help you become that cool lady with a custom Retro Lip Sign. I think I wanna be that lady.
Photo Cred: Luminary Signs

We have had the privilege to work with several business consultants across the nation to create customer signs for restaurants including KONOS, Chili's, Earl's Pizzeria, Smithtown Salsa, Salsa, and many more!

Thanks, everybody. We look forward to working with you!

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