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3 Simple Ways to Support Small Businesses for FREE!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Supporting small businesses is more important than ever. They may not generate as much money as larger corporations, but their presence in local communities is essential to their growth. These shops add so much life and personality to their communities, both online and in person. According to one survey, small businesses donate a whopping 250% more than larger businesses to local non-profits and community causes, and a staggering 75% of small business owners donate an average of 6% of their profits to charitable organizations annually.

The best way to support any small business is to shop there often. However, these 3 simple ways to support a small business (for free!) can make a HUGE impact.

  1. Leaving a review: Potential customers feel more confident buying products online after reading about other customer experiences. Share your thoughts about the product and your experience with business! Unboxing videos or pictures of the product in your home or business help too.

  2. ​Recommend Us! Small businesses appreciate recommendations of all shapes and sizes. Next time you stumble upon a new-to-you small business, let your friends and family know about it! Chances are they will love it as much as you do.

  3. Follow the business on social media. Having a larger following also helps businesses stand out, get found, and flourish while competing with larger companies that have heftier marketing budgets. Lastly, depending on the industry, certain companies will only work with small businesses that have "established" accounts. These companies look at things like followers and engagement rate to determine whether or not they want to work with a small company on things like endorsements, wholesale, advertising deals, and more. Bottom line: if you love a business, give them a follow!

Luminary Signs is small, but mighty! Thank you to our friends and family that have supported us. Give us a follow on social media if you aren't already, share our page, or invite friends to follow us.

Click the links to start following: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Simply, Following, Sharing & Tagging Us help more than you know! If you purchased a sign or decal from us, share a picture or video on social media. Tag Us in your stories and posts. We will feature your content on our page!

Our family appreciates you!

-Pat, Shannon, & Ellie

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