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We strive to be a paperless company.

Below, you will find installation directions for applicable products.

Mailbox Decal Installation

  1. Make sure your mailbox is clean before applying the decal. A clean surface is important! 

  2. Before removing the sticker backing, place the decal on your mailbox to see how you would like to position it.

  3. Once you have decided on the placement of the decal, remove the sticker backing and eye the placement.

  4. Place the center of the decal on the mailbox and press the decal on from the center, outward. If you see bubbles, we suggest using a credit card to remove them.

  5. Next, remove the clear transfer tape after all the bubbles have been removed and you are happy with the placement of the decal.

Wiring Installation for Signs

DO NOT BEND GLASS  Instructions Luminary Signs postcard.png
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